May in Seoul!

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May in Seoul!

Spring is here! Seoul, a teeming metropolis with over 24.5 million inhabitants offers a beautiful Asian cultural experience among the natural mountains and modern, high tech skyscrapers! From imperial Seoul with its fine parks, fascinating open markets, ancient palaces, and hanok villages, to the ultra-modern South district with its sporting events, concert halls, and cruises along the Han River……the sheer energy of Seoul with its endless maze of buzzing neon lights will sweep you away.  Come to the Dragon Hill Lodge we where can help you relax, explore, and Discover Seoul!

6 Days / 5 Nights starting at only $299!

Discover Seoul at the Dragon Hill Lodge — Asia’s only Armed Forces Recreation Center!  Starting at only $299 per person, stay 6 Days / 5 Nights and explore the hidden paradise of majestic mountains, flowing rivers, historic culture, and dynamic growth!  Take advantage of the post-holiday buzz and visit Seoul’s Best attractions, markets, and nightlife.  Then make your way back to the Dragon Hill to enjoy elegant accommodations, a world-class fitness center, superb dining and the Dragon’s time honored philosophy of “Serving those who Serve”.    The Dragon Hill’s mission is to ensure all visitors experience the holiday of a lifetime!  A perfect gift for families and loved ones that would love to visit you here in Korea!

You Deserve This One! Book Today and ask for 6 Days  / 5 Nights!  Call 738-2222 or Commercial (82+2) 7918-2222 or email us at

Get ready with these great sightseeing discounts courtesy of the Discover Seoul Desk!

May Back SubwayCheck out our highly sought after activities /  Food and Beverage Specials for the month!

DHL 5 May 1

May 2017 (2)Cinco Flyer


Be sure to add value and Discover Seoul with the recommended Seoul City Pass!


Seoul City Pass

Living in Seoul or heading this way?!  Now you can get your Seoul City Pass! What’s that? One pass that gets you into 6 of the most popular attractions at a discounted rate! City pass gives you the access with a tour of downtown Seoul the city of lights, your choice of The Seoul Tower the tallest tower in Seoul or the legendary Han River Cruise. It doesn’t stop there; you’ll pick a Performance show and even check out 63 building!

Seoul City Tour Bus (Daily, Except Mondays)

Here for the exercise with limited time for sightseeing?  We highly recommend the ALL-DAY PASS ($9) on the Seoul City Bus which gives you a glimpse into the major sightseeing and shopping areas!

Call or email the or 738-2222 Ext 24. for more details.

DMZ/JSA Special (Every Friday)

No place like it on Earth!  Experience the Cold War tension that still remains on the border of the only divided country on the planet!  A must see if you are here for the exercise!

Lotte World Amusement Park / Indoor Ice Rink (Open Daily)

Lotte World consists of the indoor amusement park “Adventure” and an outdoor one as well, dubbed “Magic Island.” The outdoor Magic Island has numerous, thrill-packed attractions. Even the castle itself is an awesome background for photographs.

Open Daily from 10am-11pm.  Take Subway Line #2 (Green Line) to Jamsil (Exit #3)

Tickets only at Dragon Hill Lodge

Tickets to Seoul Tower, Lotte World, Han River Cruise, Nanta, Jump, 63 building (SeaWorld, Wax Museum, SkyArt), baseball, and many other ticketed attractions can be booked directly at our Discover Seoul Desk!

Han River Cruise (Daily)

A trip to Seoul is not complete without a cruise on the city’s centrepiece, the Han River.  Cool wind, panoramic view, enchanting city lights in the evenings…the possibilities and potential for a casual and or romantic evening are limitless!


South Post Theatre Movie Schedule

Movies this week

Movie selections on base not what you’re looking for?  Check out the local cinema listing for current-run movies!

Call our Discover Seoul Desk at 738-2222 Ext 24 or email (TBD) us at for more information

Check here for the complete list of events in and around Seoul!




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March 23, 2016 11:55 pm


Please add to retiree list

April 25, 2016 4:14 pm

SSG Crandell Joseph (Retired Army)

I would like to come in August. Is it still the same pricing?

April 26 2016 07:07 am

Discover Seoul

Dear SSG Crandell,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the specials are by month and will not be valid for August. However, be on the lookout for other specials that month!

Sincerely, Discover Seoul

July 2, 2016 4:18 am


Really excited to visit, but was wondering if the 6 day/5 night was still going in September/October this year?

A nice surprise for my wife!

July 02 2016 08:04 am

Discover Seoul

Dear John, The answer is yes! We look forward to seeing you. The DHL Team

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